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Le Nouveau Paradigme

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Le Volcan qui crache de la lave bleue ! (Vidéo)

Publié par David Jarry - Webmaster sur 15 Janvier 2014, 18:05pm

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Le volcan à Kawah Ijen crache de la lave bleue la nuit, mais elle est rouge pendant la journée. C’est le souffre  qui en brulant lui donne cette teinte.


Chris Pleasance






Out of this world: While these pictures may appear to be from another planet, they are in fact produced by burning sulphur here on Earth


The molten chemical comes from the sides of the Kawah Ijen volcano in Indonesia and is directed through pipes by miners to collection points in a nearby crater


Once the chemical element has cooled the miners break off blocks weighing up to 220lb and haul it away by hand in order for it to be sold


The sulphur appears bright red during the day, but as the sun sets the blue flames - which can reach up to five foot in height - start to become visible


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ummite 16/01/2014 09:29

splendide : pas d'autres expression : splendide !

la nature se donne en spectacle sous différents hyabits de couleur .

Nous sommes sociaux !

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